The continent of Rova is split into a few different regions containing several nations.

The Crown – Cold northeast region lined with jagged coasts and stormy seas.

  • Darkenvale (DAHR·kehn·vayl) – The Domain of the Magelords. Secretive and exotic.
  • Desparda (dehs·PAHR·dah – Loose union of states with rocky relationships. Based on Balkans and Eastern Europe.
  • Frigidia (frih·JIH·dee·ah) – City state nested in the cold mountain ring of the north.
  • Ravenova (raa·veh·NOH·vah) – Hilly region of loose communities with ties to Darkenvale. Stock Transylvania.

The Heart – Large temperate central region.

  • Engerick (EHN·geh·rihk) – Commonwealth of small Engerian kingdoms. Stock gothic horror Germany.
  • Fantomille (FAHN·toh·meel) – Former province of Gantreaux remaining loyal to the king. Pre-Revolutionary France.
  • Gantreaux (gahn·TROH) – Large republic formed by a revolution a few years ago. France.
  • Gloomvald (GLOOM·vahld) – A hazardous twisted forest valley said to be infested with alien aberrations.
  • Rittergost (RIH·tuhr·gahst) – Engerian kingdom run by knights where hunters are not allowed to practice.
  • Rosenvald (ROH·zehn·vahld) – Forest of the Rosarian High Elves ruled by a mad king and locked behind a wall of witchmist and briars.
  • Wildervald (WIHL·duhr·vahld) – Vast forest home of the grey elves and many more peoples and creatures.

Misty Isles – A large archipelago west of the continent around which witchmist storms roam.

  • Graventry (GRAA·vehn·tree) – Naval power fiercely opposed to magic. They have many colonies in the Lostrican continent beyond the western mists.
  • Sollitaira (Sah·lih·TAYR·uh) – So-called free nation of merchants and traders. They are often at odds with Graventry.

Northwest Frontier – Massive expanse of land known for its harsh winters and dry eastern wastes.

  • Ashvald (AASH·vahld) – A blighted burnt land of the undead. Forces from Morngart, Tragedaria and Nethra keep the walking dead from spilling out into the lands of the living.
  • Diremere (DIYR·meer) – A vast swamp wilderness said to be the birthplace of the witchmist.
  • Hinterlund (HIHN·tuhr·luhnd) – The vast frontier where settlers try to start a new life in harsh conditions.
  • Morngart (MOHRN·gahrt) – Ancestral home of the mountain dwarves. Together with their vassal state Tragedaria, they guard against the dangers of the north. Culturally Russian.
  • Nethra (NEHTH·rah) – The great nation of the orcs within the cold steppes of the north. They are actually somewhat civilized.
  • Tragedaria (traa·jeh·DAY·ree·uh) – A vast kingdom under Morngart, they are people who have adopted many of the ways and culture of the dwarves and work closely with them. Somewhat based on Russia.

The Southern Claws – The hot southern region containing some of the oldest civilized cultures in Rova. There are many influences from exotic cultures from lands beyond the great mists.

  • Dredaria (dreh·DAYR·ee·ah) – The last remnant of an empire which once held sway over most of Rova and even parts of Terrelia and Estria, modern dredaria remains a proud nation. Italy.
  • Pallova (Puh·LOH·vah) – A city state broken away from Dredaria at large, they wield great power and influence everywhere.
  • Sombrilla (sahm·BREE·ah) – Rivaling the influence of other nations in Lostrica and at sea, much of Sombrilla proper is a dry, inhospitable land.

Estria – A portion of the eastern continent pokes through the great mists into Rova.

  • Elonia (eh·LOHN·ee·uh) – The Galloman Empire of the east claims it is part of Desparda, Desrians claim it is a Galloman state. Either way, Elonia is a den of pirates who harass all seafaring nations.


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