Divine Powers

The Beast (Fulner) CE – Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Madness, Strength

  • Favored Weapon: Flail
    The only child of Frey and Wullach, he grew into a twisted beast, maddened by evil and corruption. Nearly mindless, he charges towards his base desires relentlessly, leaving all else destroyed in his wake. His followers seek raw primal power regardless of personal cost and soon see their lives and even selves crumble in pursuit of desire.

The Champion (Cullen) LN – Glory, Strength, Sun;

  • Favored Weapon: Greatsword
    Like the sun burning eternally in the sky, the Champion is a symbol of strength and power guiding lesser beings away from darkness and weakness.

The Dreamer (Andromell) CN – Dream*, Magic, Knowledge, Void, Water

  • Favored Weapon: Sickle
    Master of the Hidden World of dreams and fae and current patron to the Rosarian elves, the Dreamer holds that it is the physical world which is the illusory reflection of that one. True power lies in recognition of its false reflections and the ease with which one might shape the mercurial world around them.

The Empress (Nifra) LE – Charm, Fire, Law, Magic, War

  • Favored Weapon: Great Sword
    Queen of Devils, she wields the infernal realm like a sadistic lash against humanity. With a silken black tongue, she claims that there can be no good without evil and it is the duty of evil to test and tempt that the weak may fall and the strong may come through their trials stronger.

The Farmer (Andriel) NG – Animal, Community, Fire, Healing, Plant

  • Favored Weapon: Handaxe
    The Mother of Men and sister of Krey, born from a union between Frey and Thera. In primal times, she gifted the knowledge of livestock, crops and the hearth to mankind and lent them land so they could walk a path not tied to violence. Few homes are built without a hearth blessed in her name. The meek may find comfort in her arms and her philosophy holds that society holds a purpose for all living things if they accept their path.

The Fool (Ziramus) TN – Darkness, Luck, Magic, Travel, Trickery

  • Favored Weapon: Spear
    He is an unknown variable within the way of things, choosing to watch and learn from the outside and eschew direct involvement as much as possible. More than a mystery, he is the concept of enigma itself and he teaches his followers to become a shadow and hold secrets learned closely until the right time to enter an equation.

Grandmother Fox (Frey) CG – Fire, Knowledge, Liberation, Pleasure*, Trickery

  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
    The Mother of Secrets, wife of The Huntsmanand mother to many mythical figures, she is a figure of creation and fertility, but also a mischevious, but kind-hearted trickster. Her philosophy centers around freeing oneself from the shackles of others and seeking personal fulfillment.

Grandmother Wolf (Thera) LG – Animal, Community, Law, Rune, Strength

  • Favored Weapon: Glaive
    Along with Frey and the Triune of Death, she is one of the oldest divine powers still known to men and the most widely revered. Her following focuses on improvement through self-control, responsibility to others and growth of personal strength.

The Huntsman (Wullach) CN – Darkness, Destruction, Repose, Strength, Trickery

  • Favored Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
    Second of the Triune of Death, The Hunter of the Dead, he hunts the wayward dead and brings them to their final judgement. Patron of hunting and metaphorical forms of advancement and survival, he represents survival of the fittest and overcoming personal obstacles.

The Magistrate (Marda) LN – Death, Law, Nobility, Time*, Void

  • Favored Weapon: Bardiche
    Third of the Triune of Death, he is the Judge of the Dead and considers the past deeds of the dead against a measure of the true order of the universe which only the gods may comprehend. Though all religions preach different ways of life, it is said that the eternal fate of all things which die is decided by him.

The Rider (Fane) TN – Healing, Knowledge, Repose, Sun, Travel

  • Favored Weapon: Longspear
    First of the Triune of Death, the Guide of the Dead, he guides the dead toward their proper path into the unknown beyond. The most widely worshipped of the Triune, his philosophy urges exploration and discovery and the guiding of others.

The Shadow (Malor) NE – Darkness, Death, Destruction, Void, War

  • Favored Weapon: Falchion
    The Eating Dark consumes and destroys that which is created in the grim determination that all things are on an inevitable course returning to all-encompassing nothingness. To exist, to create, is to refute what he sees as this universe’s only, singular truth and the only worthy purpose is to hasten the end.

The Skald (Larothir) CG – Air, Charm, Luck, Magic, Travel

  • Favored Weapon: Short Sword
    The Great Bard who travels the world and sings the songs of all its events, great and small. Stories of the travels of jovial Larothir and casual Fane are certainly the most popular legends of Rova. Delighting in tales of epic heroism or frightening catastrophe his favorite are often the most humble farmer’s anecdote and thus he teaches that there is meaning in all happenings and enjoyments and one must not overlook the things of seemingly small importance.

The Storm Queen (Bree) TN – Air, Darkness, Travel, Water, Weather
*Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Fickle goddess of storms. She can be kind or she can be cruel and her followers hold that there are things in this world not meant to be understood, yet all has its purpose.

The Warden (Krey) NG – Animal, Fire, Healing, Plant, Protection

  • Favored Weapon: Longspear
    The Steward of the Wood, though he is the male twin born from one of the stranger myths of a tryst between Frey and Thera, he has a serious following among woodland communities and worshipped closely with his sister Andriel. It is taught that intelligent humanoids were created as the stewards of the world and tasked with maintaining the balance of the wilds and protecting the meek from those who overstep the boundaries of their strength.

The Worker (Ulther) LN – Artifice, Fire, Law, Strength

  • Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
    The Great Artificier and patron of dwarves, he with every work he creates in his divine forge, his skill grows. He teaches that acceptence of one’s place in society and the practice of that trade is the path to true contentment.

* denotes 3rd party domains detailed here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/cleric/domains/3rd-party-publishers—-domains/4-winds-fantasy-gaming—-domains

Divine Powers

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